the one where I believe in juicing

Doctors a laymen alike have written about the power of the juice cleanse.

We’ve all been hearing about it for years. Famous doctors like Oz and Axe have broken down the pros and cons for the female population of America on daytime TV and women and men alike have hopped on the “expensive” juicing train.

For ten years, as this trend has climbed, I’ve discounted the power of the juice. I thought it was a complete waste of time and money. Although, after I moved out of my parents house (for the second time) my mom and her best friend bought their own juicers and configured recipes to reach optimum energy. It happened. My opinion shifted; I had to try it.

Now, for three years I’ve wanted the miracle appliance but haven’t had extra money to purchase one. BUT we just received a juicer from our registry last Saturday. Unpacking the box, excitement overwhelmed my body and I started shaking. I, definitely, hopped on the bandwagon.

Instantly, I took a trip to the grocery store, called my mom, and bought handfuls of broccoli, carrots, beets, apples, red peppers, lemons, tomatoes, kale, basil, oranges, plums, spinach, and cucumbers. It cost $25 and it was worth it. I still have yet to go through half of the veggie haul and it’s been three days. This may all be excessive information but I have to tell you; my energy increased the next day, waking up in the morning was easier than it’s been in months, my workout was easily longer and my overall anxiety has decreased.

Granted, I have been getting back into daily Bible Study’s and the weekend was very restful, but I do think getting my body the nutrients that it has been craving has made an enormous change. I’m not ever going to attempt a full juice cleanse because I greatly believe in daily fiber (if you know what I mean)but I will advocate heavily for the benefits pure nutrients food can give you.

I’m just a regular office worker living in an apartment, but if you don’t believe in the benefits of the juice movement, you are mistaken.

I would love to read anyone else’s story; different recipes or routines would be exciting.

Juice Blast for Life.


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