the one with a hidden community

I can admit, I’m a bit of a hermit at times; I attempt to keep my grocery store visits to a minimum and only eat out in loud restaurants because I love someone who is energized by constant chatter. But yesterday, I was reminded of the power of community from a bushel of loving families, a few trivia games and so many contagious smiles.

I’m getting married in three weeks; rather, we’re getting married in three weeks. So crazy. Yes, I absolutely love the man I’m about to walk down the isle with, but this day was only ever in my dreams. I’ve been stressed to the point of exhaustion, planning and maintaining sanity, with high points here and there. But last night was a real high point.

Zac is a Youth Director at a church. All the beautiful families he leads now, and over the years, came together for a heartfelt wedding shower lined with homemade Texas chili, chips and wedding cake. It sounds simple, but it took me by surprise. These families spilled love into their food, conversation and gifts. I couldn’t have asked for anything greater.

Needless to say, I don’t believe this blog will be a top reader, but it will contain a little bit of Kendra Vanek’s life. I can assure you, there will be grammar errors and spelling mistakes but I hope to write with honesty and the little wisdom I’ve been gifted in hopes of honing in on real-life and real-stories from a simple Texas transplant. The unnamed trails I’ve taken and those I’m blessed to still take will keep me (in)sane and curious; let’s do this!


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